New in the Store Product

New Stamps in this Week – Darcies, Fred Mullet etc.

Written by Michelle Mccosh

What else is new in the store? This week we have product here for our stamping addicts. Take a look at the stamps and accessories by Darcie’s, Fred Mullet and a brand new bilingual, Spanish line by Uchi’s Design.


We are loving the Darcie’s Christmas samples they sent us. The owls and penguins are adorable and fun for the holidays. Add the flat back “tin pin” embellishments for an extra touch of whimsey with “Ho Ho Hooot” and “Roly Poly Penguins”. Who can resist smiling when look at these chipper characters?

Darcie's Cute Critter Christmas Collection

Darcie’s Cute Critter Christmas Collection

Fred Mullet

Fred Mullet has a unique way of designing his stamps. He works from nature making a relief print of found objects such as fish, shells, plants, feathers, etc. This makes stunning stamped images! We carry his stamps and have some new one’s in the store this week.

Fred Mullet's Designs

Fred Mullet’s Designs


Uchi’s Design

Back by popular demand, we have Spanish expression stamps back in stock. We are featuring Uchi’s Design stamps. In an effort to always support small and local business we are buying these stamps from an artist right here in Palm Beach County! Her stamps cover a vast array of holiday and events and have Spanish as well as English expressions. This is the first time we have seen bilingual stamps.


Let’s Cook
A Cocinar



Birthday –






Birthday Greetings
Cumpleaños Deseos



Xmas Greetings
Navidad Deseos


Uchi's Design Spanish and English Stamps



Uchi's Design Spanish and English Stamps



Uchi's Design Spanish and English Stamps

Dia de Accion de Gracias


This should excite all of our stampers this week and maybe even entice others to try stamping too.


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