A Trip through Europe – an adventure with ATC’s

in 2014 hosted by Everything Scrapbook & Stamps in Lake Worth, Florida a group of artists “met” every month to trade ATC’s.

ATC’s are altered trading cards. . . . miniature works of art that measure 2.5 by 3.5 inches

Our theme for 2014 was called A Trip Through Europe and we visited 12 cities interpreting the city and a different product / technique each month.

At the beginning of 2015, we compiled a sketch book choosing one ATC from each month.  This book was sent to the Sketch Book Project in New York. The sketch book project is a library of handmade books based in New York.  Participants purchase a small book from the library and fill it by whatever means:  Sketches, paintings, words, whatever the author feels for his or her book.  Once submitted the author can choose to have the book go on a traveling library tour.  Everything Scrapbook & Stamps Book – A Trip Through Europe will be on tour

If you click the links below you can see all the cards created for each month:

Active links coming soon

January 2014 ATC’s

February 2014 ATC’s

March 2014 ATC’s

April 2014 ATC’s

May 2014 ATC’s

June 2014 ATC’s

July 2014 ATC’s

August 2014 ATC’s

September 2014 ATC’s

October 2014 ATC’s

November 2014 ATC’s

December 2014 ATC’s

If you in a town and see the traveling sketchbook project, please take a moment and go check out our Travel Book

We welcome swap participants from around the world.  Please click this link to find out more about our current swap in 2015:

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