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Aaarrgghh! It’s Talk Like a Pirate Day, Matey!

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Warning to all our followers in Blog Land: Much of this post will be spent making fun of my friend and co-worker, Perfect Nancy (PN).  Don’t worry – she knows all about it and it was even pretty much her idea… well, at least she thought it would be good to add some humor to our posts.  So I thought, oh, I know what’s funny –  Nancy!  And thus a tradition began… The truth is that Nancy is a respected and valued employee here at ESS and we all love her, so don’t worry!  I wouldn’t say anything about her on the blog that I haven’t already said behind her back… promise!

So the other day Nancy came in all excited because a very special day was coming up – International Talk Like a Pirate Day.



I left a little space there so you’d have time to close your mouth, like Michelle and I had to do.  Talk like a Pirate Day?  For real?  Who celebrates Talk Like a Pirate Day?  Well, Nancy… that’s who.  Silly question!

Michelle and I didn’t even know what to say.  Nancy suddenly realized she was all alone on her pirate talking penchant. 

“What, you never talked like a pirate?”  asks Nancy.  Nope, Michelle and I can both honestly say that neither of us have ever talked like a pirate.  Of course, with Nancy’s accent she kind of talks like a pirate everyday, so it’s not much of a stretch for her.  For instance, when she says she’s going to park the car it comes out a lot like “parrrgghhk the caaawwwwggh”, that’s kind of like a pirate growl, right?  Well, maybe not… I think pirates actually do better “r”‘s than Nancy.

Well shiver me timbers… it turns out, for once, that Nancy’s not crazy!  There really is an International Talk Like a Pirate Day – and it’s today!  Of course, Michelle and I have absolutely no plans to take part in Talk Like a Pirate Day; that would be silly.  However, we can’t let Nancy down!  Clearly something will be missing in her life if she doesn’t get to talk like a pirate today. 

Therefore, we invite you all to come on in and converse with Nancy in pirate speak.  I mean, there’s a conversation that you’ll never get out of your head, right?  And, in case you’re in need of any, we’ve got some really fun pirate papers and stickers that you surely need for some International Talk Like a Pirate Day themed activities:

Talk Like a Pirate Day Booty

Talk Like a Pirate Day Booty

We absolutely encourage you to be loud, proud, and fairly obnoxious with your pirate speak – we’re even including a link to the International Talk Like a Pirate Day website, in case you don’t believe us or need a little inspiration from the “Talk Like a Pirate Day” theme song… yup, there really is one.  There’s also a handy list of all kinds of pirate phrases, including Ahoy! Aye Aye! and Hornswoggle!  I have to admit, if you can say this list out loud without at least smiling than you probably do need a little pirate pick me up – it’s pretty funny!

Some come on in, you lazy land lubbers, and get yer pirate talk on – we dare ya!


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