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Written by Michelle Mccosh
July 18, 2020 all-day
Everything Scrapbook & Stamps
925 S. Military Trail
West Palm Beach

Welcome To The Handmade Fantasy Webinars With Antonis Tzanidakis


During those times we are facing right now, i have only one way to be closer to you!!
The truth is, that i can’t wait to be able to travel again and be with all of you that you made my life so different the last couple of years and you gave me joy , fun and great moments and a lot of laughter!
So, till that will happen again , let’s have some fun together and learn new things through my online tutorials/classes and our questions live streaming meeting sessions..!

The tutorial will be recorded by me ,of course and in very good quality video..through the tutorial i will try to give you as many information and details as i can..and as much possible the funny moments we had together!

The only thing you need is, your computer or any kind of device that has access to internet!
On the release date of the video , you will receive a link that is linked it to you and you will be able to watch the video any time and as many times you want!

Any questions you have, as many you have, don’t hesitate to send me an email !!
(The email you will receive it from the store)

And after the release date you will receive a notification, of what the date and time of live streaming questions meeting, will be!

That part is extra,
in the email you can send, as many questions you might have and anytime you want!
The live streaming will happen once per month in a specific date and time..  In the live streaming i will be live with all of you and i will answer to questions you might have and everybody can hear me and react to each other!
This is something extra that will be fun and you are more than welcome to join if you want!!


(Links are provided to the online store if the items are in stock.  Some products are on their way from Australia and Budapest for the class)


Wooden box




  • Aqua color Cuoio (Brown Spray)
  • Aqua color Pino (Chestnut)
  • Aqua color Castagno code: Beige


  • Stone paper
  • Paper Scrapbook Pad  Coming from Budapest
  • CHIPBOARD KIT.  This is on its way from Australia!!!



After you sign up , you will receive full , detailed materials list that you can purchase them from the store in any case you want to create the project that you watched or you can use the materials probably you have or a mixture of that!
You can sign up of course until the release date..

P.S. we have ordered all the supplies – the chipboard is coming from Australia!

Let's hear from you . . .