Rae Missigman – Art Marks

Written by Michelle Mccosh
October 6, 2019 @ 10:30 am – 5:30 pm

Art Marks: Inspiring Prompts for Art Journaling
As artists, we tend to stick to what we know. We gravitate to what feels natural, and we take
comfort in the familiar. But what about the practice of trying new things? What about the exploration
and the experimentation? What about the growing and stretching that gets us thinking
creatively? It’s easy to become stagnant in our art explorations, but attempting something new
is often difficult. We tend to push it aside to work on things that come easy, things that we have
mastered, things that make more sense to us. To help me overcome the fear of the hard stuff, I
have learned to dedicate time to the straightforward tasks of both practicing what I enjoy and
digging in and doing more difficult work. In being committed to growing and stretching as an
artist, this sometimes means taking my craft and turning it inside out. It means examining it under
a microscope. It means breaking it down and building it back up again to be different and
better and unique. This can be a fun and easy exercise in keeping your artwork fresh and
unique—if you know how to begin. Using 10 of my favorite prompts as catalysts, we will dive
more deeply into the creative process of art journaling and explore unique ways to get creative
and STAY creative.

* acrylic paint and/or ink
* assorted brushes
* baby wipes or paper towel
* assorted papers or art journal (like the one we make in UNBOXED)
* washi, artist, or masking tape
* pens, pencils, and assorted mark makers
* palette – (I have some to share for the day if needed)
* color wheel: optional
* water jar
* a favorite journal with art work in it (look book or magazine will work if no journal)
* clipboard : I will supply this in my kit
* repurposed tools like : mascara brush, key card, twig, straw, elastic bands, etc. : I will supply a
similar tools this in my kit

* gel medium

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