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Hard Lesson Learned!

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Since we have started The Shoebox Project © I have been lecturing and warning our customers the dangers of not printing your photos. We have gotten in the bad habit of taking hundreds, even thousands of pictures since we went digital over a decade ago. How many of those pictures have you printed out?

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Gone are the days of rushing to the local print shop after a vacation to drop off a roll of film. We would anxiously await to see our pictures and hope that we got great shots. Everyone looking at the camera, smiling, eyes opened and in focus. To save time and money we only took a shot or two. Now we want insurance and we take 50 pictures of that same mountain or ocean, why not? It is “free” now, we can just delete the ones we do not like. But do we delete them? Do we narrow down 750 vacation photos down to just 36 like the good ‘ol days? I know I do not. In a sense I am a picture hoarder! Yes, I admit I do have a problem. There is no harm in me taking and keeping all of these photos, it bothers no one, right? W-R-O-N-G!!

Here is the problem…. With so many pictures we tend not to get them printed. Back in the day you could get a roll of film processed for under $5. Now a typical vacation with 750 pictures at $.09 each will run you $67.50. Unless you find a deal, and they do come around, you will just let them sit in your computer. Now let that build up for a year, or two or ten and you can imagine the daunting task of printing!

We are at the beginning of a new year, just two weeks in. It is not too late to make a new resolution. Get your pictures printed! If you check in on Facebook I always post the penny sales from Snapfish and Shutterfly to share with you. I highly recommend that if you want to keep up with your photo printing, do it once a month and stay on it. If you are like me and take far too many pictures, wait for the penny sale. What I have vowed to do is to upload my albums as I take the pictures. That was when the sales hit I am not overwhelmed with uploading and organizing pictures. all I have to do is order the prints!

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Easy right? Now let’s all get into the good habit of doing this. That way we are ready to get back into our scrapbook fun. We have a crop on January 25th, be ready and come on in to catch up. This will also have you ready for The Shoebox Project © each month.

Now don’t you feel better with all of that weight lifted off of your shoulders of how to get started again? I do!

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