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Have you heard about our Monthly Kits?

Written by Michelle Mccosh

In December we produced a Snowflake Planner/Memory Keeping kit and offered a free class with purchase of kit.

If you missed it here is the news:

Once upon a time . . . . . . .

there was a girl who loved to scrapbook, art and craft but she didn’t have time to do it for herself. . . . she got so wrapped up in her in her life she forgot to live it.

So one day she sat down with a blank book, a fountain pen and decided to find it.  It turned out to be easier than she thought.

Printing a photo, grabbing a menu, writing  down where she went for lunch or dinner or what she had, what the weather was like.   She discovered it  was the odds and ends, the junk drawer, the small moments from the everyday, these are what made up her world.

It does not have to be just about the big adventures,   these simple snapshots also make up the fabric of your life.  Sit down for a few minutes, grab a great pen, take time to breathe and reflect.

These monthly kits make it easy to record the everyday.   You can also use this journal to make lists, write down appointments, write poetry or a cool recipe you want to try.  Sized to fit in your purse or a Midori Travelers Notebook it is ready when you are – when you have just a moment in your hectic life.

This is not your Grandmother’s Scrapbook, this is not a planner, this is not a calendar, it is none of those things and yet it is all of these things  – it is a way for Millennial’s, Gen X and Baby Boomers to take some time to record your memories, write down your inner thoughts and plan dreams for your future.  This book is for you.


This is a photo of our January – Snowflake Kit


The response exceeded our expectations and we had a full class on New Years Eve and then we were shipping  kits out to people who live far away, and even more of you came to pick up a kit and work on it at home.  I have been updating Instagram and Facebook with photos of our “Blank Book” and then my completed pages.

Looking back this month,  I think it might be easier for you to follow along if I have all the “Blank Pages” in one post  and then update the post with the completed pages, that way if you are trying to prep your pages ahead of time it will be easier to do.  (I will still continue to post on Instagram and Facebook) .  I had connectivity and lighting issues while I was out of town in Phoenix so was not as quick as I would have liked on our postings.

I will write a blog post this week that will have all the photos of the blank pages in it.


If you would like to play along and start or continue in February, the Kit is available to ship this week and you can pre order here at  Everything Mixed Media  You can either have it held at the store for pick up or we can ship it to you.

I have been faithfully updating my book and it is a fun thing to do daily, if I don’t have much to say I can just jot a “To-Do” item, I can add a photo or a business card.  I have been really enjoying getting back to basics.  I hope you are enjoying it too.

Keep it real, Michelle




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