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Idle Chit Chat Around the Store

Written by Michelle Mccosh

So, have you heard Michelle’s exciting news about Sunday? The day she has been waiting for is finally here! No more whining and complaining for another six months about her being tired. Have you figured it out yet?…….. Michelle is getting back her hour of sleep from the government who stole it away in the spring! It is daylight savings and time to “fall back”.

fall-back-daylight-savingsI sure hope she knows that she can change her clock back an hour before she goes to sleep at 11 pm. Otherwise if she waits until 2 am she will be short 3 hours sleep and be even more tired! There will not be enough coffee around to help her if that happens!!!! Sweet dreams Michelle.



Ok, so for a while now I have been working full days on Monday’s while Nancy has a rare day off. As I have mentioned before, Nancy always comes back in for lunch (it is a food thing). While we are all together we chat about what is going on for the week. For three weeks in a row now Michelle and Nancy have discussed nothing but balls and bulbs! Sometimes this carries over into Tuesday, and they are still counting balls and bulbs. Confused??? So am I. This week I decided to take notes on their discussion to try to prevent them from having the same conversation again next week. But they got distracted and I never got any notes….squirrel!


squirrel3456Until next week ladies!


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