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New Book: Alternative Art Surfaces

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Take your mixed media art to the next level… or surface, as the case may be!  Let Darlene McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson show you new and unique ways to turn found objects into great art surfaces.  For instance – tile painting… we’ve heard of it, right?  But what about using the backs of the tiles instead, because of all the extra texture???  I mean, maybe you’ve seen stuff that I haven’t seen, but I thought that was cool!

Alternative Art Surfaces

Alternative Art Surfaces

This book is going to take your art places it’s never been… this is some seriously out of the box thinking!  Here’s a sample project:

"Out of the Nest". Sandra Duran Wilson

“Out of the Nest”. Sandra Duran Wilson

Amazing!  There are so many unique projects – don’t miss adding this special book to your collection!

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