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New products from Seth Apter are here

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Busy delivery days this week.  we have had so many boxes coming in and trouble getting them all open!!!


One thing we did unpack and get out is the new ICE and Sprays from Seth Apter.  ICE is a fun product that we played with in Art Journaling this month.


ICE is a versatile medium that does many things. It can be spread on a surface evenly and smoothly, becoming a glaze finish – translucent and soft in color tone. Scraped on more loosely, textured surfaces can easily be created with peaks & valleys and color variations. Applied through a stencil, ICE adds a thick, dimensional element to any piece of art.

Hit it with a heat tool and watch it craze and bubble. Use with a brayer and Gel Plate to create gorgeous, translucent layers. It is washable on textiles at 40 degrees with no need for heat setting. It is permanent on Ceramic when heat set in an oven at 180 degrees for 30 minutes.

Colors can be mixed to create custom shades. When you let any layer of one color dry before adding a second layer, you can create color building effects – such as what is seen with layered translucent acrylic paints. Because of its translucent nature, details from lower layers will not be lost. You can work over the surface of ICE with paints, inks, markers, pencils, etc.

Works on All surfaces including Paper, textile, wood, glass and ceramic


It is so transparent that you can see images underneath it.  See part of an Art Journal page:

The color is so transparent and glossy – it kind of looks like colored ICE!


  • Hi Michelle, I’m not one to complain…. much… but I wouldn’t order Stamperia stencils for your store in the future. The one I got KSG 423 is terrible. I’d be afraid to clean it. It is literally paper thin and I don’t mean quality or cardstock thin, I mean printer paper thin. It’s not anything like the one Antonis used in his class. I just wanted to let you know about this.

    Debbie Weinhold

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