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New in the Store – Sizzix, Inky Antics, Darcie’s and more!

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Christmas and Hanukkah are behind us now and the boxes are still coming in. We are happy that we have had no delivery problems in the holiday rush! Boxes are unpacked from Sizzix, Darcie’s, Inky Antics, Cloth Paper Scissors, Somerset Studios and Craft Stamper.

Here is what is new in the store:

Sizzix Dies

Getting ready for playing with spring designs with Sizzix dies!


Egg and Wire Basket


Umbrella by Sizzix

Umbrella by Sizzix


Armoire Treat Bag

Armoire Treat Bag



Fancy Crate Bag

Darcie’s Stamps and Tin Pins

Darcie’s rubber stamps and tin pins are as cute as a button! This month;s stamps are cute, adorable, lovable puppies! Who does not love a puppy?

Darcie's January Stamps and Tin Pins

Darcie’s January Stamps and Tin Pins

Inky Antics

Sticking with the sweet and adorable theme, Inky Antics has come out with whimsical animals too. A goofy monkey, cats, teddy bears and more! All in time and perfectly suited for your Valentines.

January 2014 Sample Board

Cloth Paper Scissors Magazine

Start off the New Year with our Home Sweet Home issue . . . and some new columns! Check out “The Informed Artist” and “Letter Love.” Create some sweet houses. Make a Painted Paper Collage or a Junk Drawer Heart necklace. See our Mixed-Media Stitched Square reader challenge results, and lots more.

Cloth Paper Scissors: January/February 2014

Cloth Paper Scissors: January/February 2014

Craft Stamper Magazine

Included with this month’s issue of craft stamper magazine is a free feather stamp by Emily Hilton. This issue is full of “Winter Whimsy” inspiration!

Craft Stamper - January 2014

Craft Stamper – January 2014

Beyond Paper Dolls by Somerset Studio


The publisher of Somerset Studio and Art Doll Quarterly is proud to present Beyond Paper Dolls, a new publication dedicated to expressive paper personas crafted with innovative techniques and art mediums. Artist, author and designer Lynne Perrella, has invited over 50 mixed media artists to contribute to this book of over-the-top imaginative interpretations of the human form. Far more than paper dolls, this selection of thought-provoking and innovative “paper personas” will awaken your urge to make artwork that is meaningful, expressive, and full of story-telling.

With creative chapter headings such as “Inner Visions”, “Curtain Up!”, “Celebrations”, “Fetish Figures” and more – get ready to immerse yourself in colors, textures, found objects, paint, fabric, fibers, metal and that eternal favorite paper. In addition, each chapter will also include a “Details Dossier” revealing the artists’ techniques for creating the work, and giving you countless clues for using mixed media supplies, as well as spy-glass close-up views of the art to satisfy your inquiring mind.

Pull up your favorite chair, keep a sketchbook close at hand, enjoy the creative banquet served up by over 50 well known artists, and then start plotting how YOU plan to go “beyond paper dolls”.

 Beyond Paper Dolls: Expressive Paper Personas Crafted With Innovative Techniques And Art Mediums by Lynne Perrella

Beyond Paper Dolls: Expressive Paper Personas Crafted With Innovative Techniques And Art Mediums
by Lynne Perrella

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