Dyan Revealey

She Came, She Saw, and She Kicked Some Major Art!

Written by Michelle Mccosh

So look who’s crying now! Why, YOU are, of course, if you didn’t make it to Dyan Revealey’s workshops!

So look who’s crying now!  Why, YOU are, of course, if you didn’t make it to Dyan Revealey’s workshops!   (I know, because I didn’t get to go this time either… WAAAH!!!!) 

First up, Jeannie Z made this sign to Welcome Dyan to the store,  She also made a gazzillion Mustache Decorations that were hanging around the store and she made everyone a fun name tag.

Jeannie is uber talented.

From all reports, this year’s classes were an absolute smashing success… everyone had a blast and the projects were just amazing!  Really, in this case I think pictures will speak louder than words… take a look at highlights from this amazing event:

Having a fun, fabulous inky time

ohh, let me see what you did

Look at the well inked kitchen rolls

decisions, decisions, decisions
here is Iain !!

and even more decisions
why can’t Michelle make up her mind

Using Imagery

adding a little here and there. 
(look at the fabulous name badges that Jeannie made for everyone

Malteser Blowing – It’s the English National Sport

This is the second part of the class where Dyan shows us how to do an Irish Jig

Some of her lovely samples

Cassia and Dyan

Susan was lucky enough to win not one but TWO empty water bottles in the Prize Drawing

Wow – as you can see an amazingly wild and crazy time was had by all… but even outside of that students really had the opportunity to step outside the box and learn and learn and learn…  Thanks so much to Dyan for another great event!!!  We had the most Fabulous Inky Time evah!!


  • I am so glad I was able to attend the Anatomy of a Page class! I learned so much – and absolutely LOVE the journal that Dyan designs. Look forward to keeping up with my art journaling there.

  • I took all the classes this time, and I have never created so much in such a short time! Not because it was super fast pace, but because Dyan is a great teacher and took us through details in a creative way!
    I loved all the classes, and had a wonderful time!

    We miss you Dyan ! Thanks for everything!

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