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Snow Ball on the Wall

Written by Michelle Mccosh

So, maybe by now you have met our newest employee. We have our own version of “Elf on the Shelf”, he is “Snowball on the Wall”. Many of you have come up with some clever and creative names for him and by the end of the week we will pick a winner. If you have not jumped into the fun yet you still have time. Let us know your suggestion when in the store or on our Facebook page.

DSC_7022Our “Snowball on the Wall” is starting to write a letter home to Siberia, but is very sad. Without his new name he does not know how to sign his letter…please help him out!

We are wondering if we need to send his far away family a little note about his behavior. He has only been here for one day and found himself in a bit of trouble!

Day #2 and Snowball is already causing trouble!

Day #2 and Snowball is already causing trouble!

Snowball on the Wall – we thought it might be fun to have an ESS version of Elf on the Shelf.  You can keep up with his daily shenanigans’ on our ESS Facebook Page.

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