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Spellbinders Tool ‘n One

Written by Michelle Mccosh

OK, so maybe I’m dating myself a little here, but this is one of these goodies that has me shouting, “Go, go gadget hands!”

Go Go Gadget Hands!

Go Go Gadget Hands!

There’s really no shame in it – I’m a Gadget Girl!  I love new toys, and you KNOW I love my die cutting – this is the perfect tool for me!

Spellbinders Tool 'N One

Spellbinders Tool ‘N One

The Spellbinders Tool ‘n One is perfect for die cutters – the spatula helps you gently life your die cut out of the die, and the brush end helps push small pieces out.  The various attachments function both as die cut removers or as styluses and paper piercing tools – this is truly an all-in-one for your kit.  Take a look at this tool in action:

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