What is new around the store?

Written by Michelle Mccosh

It has been a little while now, but we are so busy moving product and walls that I have not had a chance to share our newest remodeling adventure with you.

Have you seen the new shutters that Nancy found to add to our decor? This is not in the written plan by that architect who shall rename nameless for now…the reason she is nameless is because this addition was not part of her master plan. Nancy has gone rogue on us!

This is just one of three loads of shutters.

This is just part of one of three loads of shutters.


Trip #2! Big discussion going on here about what to do with all of theses shutters.

Trip #2! Big discussion going on here about what to do with all of these shutters.


Not only has Nancy deviated from the plan, but she has also unwillingly involved both Michelle and I. As you know Nancy loves to peruse the thrift shops and Free Cycle and usually comes out with some great treasures that work well in the store. This time she has done it big time. So big that she called in Michelle to pick up shutters that would not fit in her Corolla. Michelle made trip number one, but her SUV was not big enough for the entire lot of shutters. Time to call in the big guns and put Natasha to work. For those of you not familiar with Natasha, she is my well loved, 14 year old conversion van. Michelle likes to say  that my van once belonged to the Clampets. Laugh as she may at my car, but when in a pinch she always calls on me to help. I made two more trips with even more shutters.

Triple Trouble Moving Crew

Triple Trouble Moving Crew

A lot of lifting, carrying, cleaning, fixing and rearranging went into getting these shutters in place. Again, Nancy had a plan of her own to get this store looking good. Funny thing though, her neck was bothering her so I had to schlep the shutters all over the store to prevent her from hurting herself. Come to think of it, this must be why my back has been hurting….hmmmm….

DSC_5985DSC_5984 DSC_5987All kidding aside, Nancy really has a good eye and keen sense of style. The store does look really good! Now if only we can finish the rest of the plan before she has the urge to “shop” again!




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