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You Can Capture More Bees with Honey….

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Yeah, yeah… I know… it’s supposed to be “catch”… you can “catch” more bees with honey than with… well, I don’t know really.  Some other non-sweet substance.  The point is, I was trying to come up with a clever title for the two awesome new lines we received from Basic Grey… “Capture” and “Herbs and Honey”!  Hey, dont be judgy… this blog writing gig isn’t as easy as you might think!  Basic Grey is well known for their modern twist on classic colors and design and these collections are no different:

Herbs and Honey:

Basic Grey Herbs and Honey

Basic Grey Herbs and Honey

Basic Grey Honey Artichoke Basic Grey Honey Carrot Basic Grey Honey Collection Pack Basic Grey Honey Corn Basic Grey Honey GreenBeans Basic Grey Honey Onion Basic Grey Honey Pear basic grey honey radish Basic grey Honey Raspberry Basic grey Honey Strawberry Basic Grey Honey TomatoAnd Capture:

BG CaptureBasic Grey Capture Collection Pack Basic Grey Capture My Favorite Basic Grey Capture Noted Basic Grey Capture Today I Basic Grey Captured Currently Basic Grey Captured Love This Basic Grey Captured Right Now Basic Grey Captured The Best Basic Grey Captured The DetailsSo, now that we’ve lured you in with this “Honey” sweet post, make sure you make it to the store and “Capture” your favorites before our other busy bees beat you to it!  (I heard that groan!)


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