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They Say You Want a Revolutiooon…. We All Want to Change the World!

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Woo Hoo!  Listen up ladies – the revolution is here! 

I have to say – I was SO excited when Michelle brought Pan Pastels into the store.  I mean, they’re just awesome, right???  They don’t look like anything else, they don’t apply like anything else, they are completely unique from everything else.  The range and depth of color achievable is amazing!  Check out this picture I created last year using Pan Pastels:

PanPastels PoppiesPretty, right?  I mean, I’m not an artist or anything but for an experiment working in this medium I thought it turned out OK….

But… isn’t there always a but? 

It wasn’t so fun for me getting up to run outside between each color… especially since it was raining outside.  The fumes for the normal fixatives, even the low odor fixatives, were just too strong to use in the house.  Bummer. 

That is, bummer no more!  The folks at Spectra Fix have released an awesome fixative for your Pan Pastels and Michelle, being the brilliant and eco-friendly woman that she is, got some in the store for you!

SpectraFixSo here’s the skinny on this bottle of awesomeness – first of all, as you might have guessed, you can use it inside!!!  It holds product without distorting color and is very, very safe to use compared to traditional fixatives.  The only caution we would give would be to those with known casein allergies; casein is found in milk products and if you didn’t know that, chances are you aren’t allergic.  And hey,  guess what?  It doesn’t just work on Pan Pastels… it also works on charcoal, conte crayon, pencil, casein, watercolor, tempera, gouache, with crossover techniques and under oils. 

So, sun, rain, sleet, or shine… OK, we’re in Florida so it’s mostly just rain and shine… you can always get your Pan Pastel fix with Spectra Fix!!!  Get it, your “fix” with Spectra “Fix”?  See what I did there?  Tee hee hee hee hee…  I have missed this 🙂



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