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Did you miss Anna Dabrowska?

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Michelle works so hard to bring new and interesting teachers to the store, and this past weekend we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Anna Dabrowska, and amazing artist and teacher who came all the way from Poland to teach us how to work with fabulous new product from Prima. Seriously, this was a class NOT to be missed! Just in case you did, check out some of the beautiful work created in her classes:

It’s always so fascinating to hand a group of students that same basic materials and see the extraordinary variety of the end result…. each person’s book was their own unique piece of art.

Of course, all this fabulousness doesn’t come without complications… I’m speaking of Rosemary, of course. For those of you who know her AT ALL you know that she can’t stand anything messy, especially when it comes to ink on the hands. Now, I wasn’t actually here for the class, but I remember a huge cosmic boom that occurred sometime Saturday night around 7pm. Turns out no new galaxies were formed; it was Rosemary, passing out emphatically when she saw Anna’s hand pallettes:

I’m pretty sure Pam didn’t help matters much:

Kelli’s wearing gloves, but I’m pretty sure she’s just trying to get in Rosemary’s good graces. If that wasn’t bad enough, check out the ink wastelands:

Even I’m having heart palpitations looking at that, although I’m sure if Michelle had been here she would have been rolling in it! At this point surely you can see how happy everyone was with this class – look at all these happy ladies:

If you did miss this class, you’re probably pretty upset by now. I feel you – I really wish I could have been there! Not to worry, though, we do still have some awesome Prima product left from this class. You can never get the class experience again, but there’s plenty of fun stuff to experiment with – take a look:

Canvas Resist Book Covers
Cotton Tape
Canvas Resist Flowers
Cling Stamps
Alterable Flowers
Decorative Flowers

These products have literally flown off the shelves since the class, so if you want any make sure you come down quick!

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