Idle Chit Chat Around the Store

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Have you ever seen our hold bin and drawers?  We know most have you have seen one or more of us dig through the mess looking for your coveted items and have trouble finding it. The problem is not a lack of organization on our part, but the fact that the drawers are stuffed full!

The Bin

The Bin


The Drawers

The Drawers

We know you get excited when new product comes in and and want to grab it off the shelves before it flies out of the store. We can’t blame you and we will continue to do this for you.

We can't stand it anymore!

We can’t stand it anymore!

However….we need to make a slight change in our policy to keep this mess under control. We will happily hold your items for you for one week. At the end of the week we ask that you either come in to pick up your loot or call in to secure your purchase with a credit card. We will then take the paid product and store it in the back for you until you are able to pick it up.  We are hoping that this will reduce the overflow and mess in our front bins, making life easier for all of us.

Thank you for your part in keeping us a little sane, and I use that term lightly!


  • …and let me add to the problem…
    1 – come to the store
    2 – do the great tag
    3 – pay for the tag and A2Z class
    4 – get almost home and forget my stuff arrived and sitting in the BIN…LOL
    5 – get posted on FB with your name on the bag…. I checked, it was hidden,
    See you guys in the AM =)

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