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Sizzix eclips and eCAL Certificate Classes

Written by Michelle Mccosh

Here is the new information about the Sizzix eclips  and eCAL Certificate Classes being taught Saturday, November 16th as promised.

We will have two classes available, two hours long for each. The beginners class will be from 10 – 12 and there will be NO CHARGE! You read that right, no charge for this class. You will need to bring in your eclips machines, power cords and cutting mats. Be sure your software is up to date. If you are not sure how to do this, please come in by Friday November 15th with your hand controller and we will help you . This needs to be done prior to the class so we do not waste class time getting your controller updated.

The eCal Certificate class will follow after a lunch break, from 2-4. You will also have to bring your laptop as well with the software pre loaded. Again, as long as you come in by Friday, November 15th we are happy to assist you. If you have purchased you eClips here with us, this class will also be FREE!!!! Otherwise, there is a nominal fee of $20. If you are planning on purchasing a machine we do have them in stock.

We still have eclips machines in stock, and we are offering it to you at a price of $299. The retail price is $598, buy it here and save!  We include the eCAL software at that value as an added bonus.  Let us know right away if you want one.


eClips by Sizzix

eclips by Sizzix


Meet Jill Tarayao – Sizzix Certified Instructor


Jill Tarayao

Jill Tarayao

Jill has been a crafter since childhood, dabbling in every art and craft form available, printmaking, ceramics, weaving, sewing, quilting and printmaking of every kind.  She has been making the family Christmas Cards from the beginning of her married life, with her own carved linocuts/rubber erasers or silkscreen images.  always including family pictures since the children started joining the family.  She lives is Newport Beach Ca. with husband Bert.   All four children (2 boys 2 girls with their families) have scattered to various parts of the world. 

Jill has been happily working for Ellison for the past 15+ years.   Spending most of her energies making kits for Workshop and “Make & Takes”  everywhere.  She also enjoys traveling to many venues to demo the latest Sizzix offerings.  You can see her teaching at Scrapbooking Shows, helping in the workshops and administering the “Make & Takes” table in the Sizzix Booth at CHA.



Sizzix eclips and eCAL  Certificate Classes

Calling all eclips fans and industry leaders! Join eclips expert and Sizzix Certified Teacher, Jill Tarayao to become a pro with your eclips. She will teach two classes:  One for beginners that will cover all the basics and then an ecal class.  In these classes, you’ll learn the ins and outs of the Sizzix eclips Machine.  We’ll start with the basics and work up to the latest and greatest techniques that today’s crafters are craving!

You’ll leave the class with a vast knowledge of the eclips machine and its incredible features as well as an eclips certificate.

Join us for a jam-packed class full of incredible insights and revealing techniques. You’ll be glad you did!



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