CHA Sneak Peak

More News from CHA…

Written by Michelle Mccosh

So Nancy got a worrisome text yesterday – Michelle revealed that “some crazy person” at CHA had ordered 60 new rolls of tulle!  Nancy, self-appointed guardian of all excessive ordering, responded that she HOPED that somehow those 60 rolls of tulle didn’t end up mistakenly shipped to our store, but alas – apparently they will be.  Michelle tried to defend herself by claiming that the tulle was being sold by an ex-Marine; she felt sorry for him, being one of the few men at CHA.  Don’t believe her, though – it’s hard to deny the impulse to buy tulle….

In other news, Michelle has sent more exciting sneak peaks and displays from CHA – mmmmm, paper yummies:













Amazing and inspiring samples – I can’t wait to see what’s next!


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