Dyan Revealey Product

We’re Bringing a Little Couture Your Way!

Written by Michelle Mccosh

So Michelle is back from CHA and it’s high times here at Everything Scrapbook and Stamps!!!  I’m particularly excited that I FINALLY have some images to share with you of Dyan Reaveley’s new release…  wow – you Dyan fans out there are going to LOVE her new designs!

First of all, I’m sure you’ve heard the buzz about her new ink colors – there are six new colors to add to your palette, including an awesome semi-opaque white – check out the video below as Dyan reveals the new sprays:

Dyan also brought in some great new rubber stamps in her signature quirky style along with some sentiments that will make you fall over laughing:







I’m pausing just a minute here to give you time to catch your breath after laughing at those hilarious sentiments…  And look at the alphabet – I love the letters!!!
OK, moving on…. Check out some of the amazing samples created with these stamps:






How fun, right? These guys are so unique and funny, you’re just not going to find anything else like them out there.
Speaking of unique, it’s time to get to the couture part of this reveal… and Wow, this new couture line is SO cool… the stamps and stencils have so many possibilities:







The thing about these stamps is that they are quite large; plus the stencils give you each figure in three sizes, so they create really awesome effects.  Check out this video that shows some of Dyan’s samples with the new couture line – I think you’ll be amazed at the background effects and journal pages she has created using these products:
I think these are so awesome, and the size options are great.   I mean, I was really excited about this new line, but, as usual, Michelle had her mind on only one thing:
Yes, there’s Michelle at CHA, holding up the special treat that Dyan brought for her.   I’m sorry, but I think Dyan has created a monster… this Twiglets phase has got to end…

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