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What are our customers up to? Kaisercraft

Written by Michelle Mccosh

It is always enjoyable to see our friend’s creative work in the store. I often find myself in a rut and need some new inspiration for get the creative juices flowing again. For this reason we love to see our customers bring in their projects to share. We love show and tell! This week we have two customers we want to brag about, Lara who used Kaisercraft’s Beyond the Page “Abstract Memory Frame” and Joyce who made a star book from scratch.

For many weeks now I personally have been looking at Kaisercraft’s Beyond the Page “Abstract Memory Frame”. I knew I loved it but I was just not able to plan out a design in my head, I was stuck. Now that I see what Lara did with hers I am anxious to start making mine!

Kaisercraft's Beyond the Page "Abstract Memory Frame" by Lara

Kaisercraft’s Beyond the Page “Abstract Memory Frame” by Lara

I love that she used dimensional embellishments to fill the photo frames and even added a few hanging from the frame. This created great visual interest and keep my eye moving and looking for more. Lara really pulled this together very well.

Being a “Gator Mommy” it is supposed to make this next piece of work by Joyce go against my grain. After all it is a FSU theme! However her star book is too fabulous not to love and to share, even if it is a Seminole book I still love it! I am sure her friend, an alumni from that other school, loved it too.

The top view of the book tells you where it gets its name.

The top view of the book tells you where it gets its name.

1 2It’s fun, try making your own. . . . and then send us photos so we can admire your work and feature it on our blog.


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